Sunday, December 16, 2012


Well guys, it has been real. This is the last postL.

Why did I come to Paris? To have fun, but I took it over the top. I learned a lot by coming to Paris, about writing, and life in general. I wanted it to be fun, and it sure was, but at times there are things that aren’t ment to be funny. Paris was a place that people went to too bring out themselves and express their feelings through many different ways. I, Ren, mocked this place. I could possibly be the biggest tourist to ever live.

But when I’m in Paris, I feel like I can do or be anything. It allowed me to allow myself to be creative. Walking through the streets was confusing. It was unfamiliar. I didn’t know what to do besides keep walking and to stick with it.

Paris was where I learned to be me. Not an imposter, a fake. But by being a fake, made me realize who I really am. And I thank Paris for that.


What do people do in their spare time?

I already know I’m the most boring person ever, but I feel like it is hard to be productive.  When I don’t have extracurricular activities, I go home after school and sit there. Tv, twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube, listen to music, and eat.  What else is there to do? I’ll go hang out with friends occasionally, but what do you do with them? THE SAME THING! So I’m wondering, what does everyone like to do that is productive? (But not a waste of time. Like I’m not going to go do the dishes just cause, or clean my room, or practice the piano, or take care of a plant).

Sunday, December 9, 2012


What is everyone's favorite resturant? If someone were to ask me, I'd have to say (probably) 5 guys or in n out. Why? Because it is really good.

Also why does everyone like JCW's so much? It's not that good.
Why do people like Cafe Rio so much? It's good, but not the holy grail.
Why am I raging? Cause you all make me angry.... I'm not really angry...

I'm just messing around guys. But in all seriousness, if you ask me to go to JCW's or wendy's... I'd probably say wendy's. If you asked me to go to Cafe Rio or McDonalds... I'd probably say Cafe Rio (got you(;). But that's all fast food. The greatest sit-down place is obviously Texas Roadhouse. I will cyber fight anyone in the comment section if they think otherwise, because it IS the best resturant ever, besides maybe the roof, but you're all too poor to go there. ha. HAHA.

HOPE (jealousy poem)


I'm jealous of this poem mainly because it's so... just kidding, i have no idea. It just makes sense.  'hope' according to is "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best." I think this poem is saying that hope is from the heart.


Emily Dickinson is pretty genius, (although I've only read one of her books, forgot which one though)(forced to read it) wish I would've thought of a simple poem like this.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

top 10 HINDU songs *my opinion, not yours!!*

Dhadang Dhang Dhang
Rowdy Rathore
Tu Hi Mera
Jannat 2
Blood Money
Blood Money
Tera Deedar Hua
Jannat 2
Tre Bina
Paani Da Rang
Vicky Donor
Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita
Rowdy Rathore


--- im kidding, i dont listen to hindu... but i do listen to dubstep!!!!!!

1. Rusko & Caspa – Custard Chucker
2. Hurley – Closer
3. Koan Sound – Akira
4. Borgore (Amp) – Guided Relaxation Dub
5. Cookie Monsta – Ginger
6. Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone
7. Tek-One – Broken String
8. Rusko & Caspa – Bread Get Bun
9. Rusko – Hammer Time
10. Rusko – woo Boost

im a lil biased cause i do like rusko and caspa alot alot haha (i think rusko is underrated) SO THATS MY LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Louis= k, yea
Ren= omfg i want to go get a snow globe
Louis= kay, yea
Ren= c'MoN LoUiS!!!!! PLS???!!!
Louis= oeh-kae,          ,            ,
Ren= k brb louis...
Louis= beans is so cool
Ren= (no hes not) lol alright i like this snow globe! whateyae think???
Louis= i lyke it. buy it now.
Ren= haha louis ur hot no joke
Louis= o___6
Ren= L.O.L. LOUIS we should go *wink wink*
Louis= beans ftw ren, ha

Ren= oh i kno, its kinda weird. like, i kno that people think it is okay to express themselves. but really. people need to shutup.
Ren= yeah, like i see your point. but i dont know if that is correct.
Ren=ohhhh haha i agree wow
Ren= woah windy, eminem isnt good? wtf is your deal
Ren= yeahh thats true
Ren= wahaha k bye windy. wait. holy smoley. i was talking 2 myself???? (get it, windmills cant talk) (duh)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


alright, like i knoww im a weirdo already guys. but id like to share an expirience i had when i was younger...

i used to be a HUGE WWE fan, i watched it ALL the timeee. my favorite wrestler was Kane............................ omfg, he was soooo awesome. he killed everyone and stuff. then i remember one day hearing thatt kane was gonNa fight some guy and if he loses........................................................................... hed have to take off his mask (holy snapperz, crayzie)... well i couldnt watch it cause it was on pay per view (stopid). i was angry. i was sad. i was in depression.

well kane lost and now he looks like this.

yaeahahaheeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh he still kills people.

then 1 dai i found out that pro wrestling was fake and that it wuz actually staged.